Sunday, July 20, 2014

The shoot down of flight MH17

There are a number of questions that need to be answered, Obummer claims that since the Resistance has been able to shoot down at least one military transport and one or more fighter bombers they had the ability to shoot down a passenger liner at 33,000 feet.  First off the military transport was taken out on its approach for landing, Ukrainian fighter/bombers attacking civilian targets with dumb bombs tend to be low level attacks.

Both are easily attacked with MANPADS (man portable air defense systems) the Resistance does have manpads and have used manpads.  But manpads are not going to take out passenger aircraft at altitude.  The video provided by the Ukrainian Junta claiming a BUK air defense system in eastern Ukraine has already been shown to be a lie.  The so called intercepted phone conversations between Resistance fighters has been shown to be a fake. 

The Ukrainian Junta had BUK anti aircraft systems in the area,  The Ukrainian air traffic control ordered flight MH17 to go from 35,000 foot altitude to 33,000 foot altitude minutes before its shoot down.  A drop in altitude like that could be interpreted by a air defense unit as an attack vector by a Russian bomber.  While the Resistance has used manpads they have not shown the ability to engage higher altitude aircraft.  But the Ukrainian Junta did have BUK's in the area which easily could engage high altitude aircraft.  Actually after reading the spec's on it, it is impressive.

To me the most damning information is that the Ukrainian Junta released the video and the phone conversation within hours of the shoot down.  Meaning these things were prepared in advance of the actual shoot down.  And if the Ukrainian Junta prepared these things prior to the shoot down then the shoot down must have been planed.

And it was planned for some sick reason by the Ukrainian Junta, all of the information leads back to them and not to the Resistance.  And sorry folks Obummer brown shirts have hit my system and I have limited access to the internet and cannot dig up the flight number, all of the information I am working with is from RT.

Now I have to run my protection systems to rid myself of the Obummer fleas.