Friday, August 22, 2014

This Ebola thing.

I am a firm believer that just before the collapse of the US, there will be a Pandemic outbreak to justify the lock down of the cities and metropolitan area's and the forced relocation of citizens to the FEMA camps.  I assumed that the Pandemic would be the Weaponized Bird Flu funded by the CIA and when you weaponize something like that you also have a antidote or vaccine for it as well.

But the new Ebola outbreak has me looking at it.  Thousands infected hundreds if not thousands dead the infection rate is well beyond the infection rate that can be caused through an exchange of bodily fluid, this Ebola has to be transferred either by simple touch or airborne.  And when the American Doctors were infected they were immediately flown to America and treated with a revolutionary treatment and they are walking around nice and healthy in less than a week.

This Ebola outbreak is looking more and more like a test run both for the weaponized form of Ebola and the antidote/vaccine to cure the high value patients that are accidentally infected.  Though personally I would rather go by way of the weaponized bird flu then bleeding out through every pore and hole that I have.

But if the CIA would weaponized the Bird Flu as the scientists who actually weaponized it admitted what is the big deal about them weaponizing the Ebola Virus as well.