Sunday, July 6, 2014

For those who have a military background.

Something that I am curious about.  ISIS for three years was battled to a stand still by the Syrian army.  The only reason it was not pounded into the desert sands was because of the interference of the United Police States of America and Israel.  We use anti tank missiles on drones to kill people and civilians our paid mercenaries are using fighter/bombers to kill men, women and children.

And yet ISIS rampages across the middle east virtually unopposed capturing enough land to declare themselves a nation.  And yet the drones that have killed thousands including men, women and children are silent.  The air forces of our supposed allies are silent, in fact the only military action against these terrorists are from the Syrian air force.  Which we have been trying to overthrow for years.

The Iraqi military bolted and ran before the first shots were fired.  Much as they did during the Gulf Wars when the CIA was wiring money into dozens of Generals off shore accounts.  The Iraqi Army did not even attempt to counter the terrorists until they were nearly to Baghdad.  Is there anyone with any military back ground that cannot look at this situation and come to the obvious conclusion that this is nothing more then just another attempt by the United Police States of America to destabilize the region?

Chopping Iraq into three sections cuts Syria off from its primary backer Iran.  With the Islamic nation in control of most of Iraq's natural resources and sitting on the border of Baghdad, Iran is limited in its influence.  And the Kurds if they survive will finally have their own homeland and will be hostile to both Iraq and the Islamic Nation.

May the Gods protect us from the United Police States of America.  Because all I can see before us is a express train to hell in our near future.