Sunday, June 8, 2014

You know you live in a surveillance state when you.

Updated July 7 2014.

You know you live in a Surveillance state when boarding a plane to America and you must turn on your smart phone or lap top or tablet so the Scanners can read and download its information before you board the plane.  Welcome to the United Police States of America. 

(Update,  6-15-14, some addition camera pictures.

What was interesting about this remote camera is that it is mounted at an intersection that already had four fixed traffic cam's.

("Update, 6-10-14 I threw this one in for nostalgia you do not see emergency sirens in CA that often.

Though I do wonder why it has its own little NSA Camera.  On this route there are only the fixed traffic cameras.  The NSA Dome Camera's do not start until E Street and Run E Street from the University of San Bernardino to Hospitality lane on the border of Loma Linda.

These are the Bus Stops I have talked about.  These run basically from Loma Linda to the University of San Bernardino.  The center of the Road Bus Stops on Hospitality Lane with their reenforced center dividers cost 130,000 dollars each.  I would assume the side of the road bus stops are not much cheaper.  I would love to find out if the money to build these things came from Homeland Security.

These are the new type of camera's replacing the old fixed traffic cameras.  I am starting to see them going up on my route.

I actually have pictures of all four camera's at this intersection, but for some reason cannot post the other three.")

I like Jeff Foxworthy's (You know your a Red Neck when you).  I hope I can pull it off like he does.

You know you live in a surveillance state when you see

NSA camera's hanging from everything that can hold their weight.  Keep in mind that all city, state and federal CCT Camera's and 90% of all private CCT Camera's are linked into the NSA Surveillance System.  The Boston Bombers were caught on Private camera's and the NSA and its Prism program had them as suspects within hours.  There is a new type of camera being mounted that I have never seen before.  I will have to upload pictures of them later.

You know you live in a surveillance state when you

When you see wireless scanners on every 4th or 5th light post that hacks into your smart phones, lap tops and tablets.  And any wireless or WIFI systems in the near by homes.

You know you live in a surveillance state when you

When you see these mounted at the intersections.  While I have not been able to find these barrels on the internet.  I have seen video's of EMP devices that were being tested and these barrels bear a resemblance to those EMP devices.  Needless to say if these devices are activated you can kiss your cars electronics goodbye, your smart phones goodbye, your laptops goodbye and your tablets goodbye.  EMP devices fry electronics.  If one wishes to shut down movement during a National Martial Law Event, EMP devices are the way to go.

I had some pictures of the nice new $130,000 bus stops going up in the San Bernardino, Riverside and Loma Linda area's each mounting 4 to 5 NSA Camera's each but cannot find them.  I will have to take them again and update this post later.  Sweet dreams everyone, knowing that you now live in a Surveillance State.