Friday, June 13, 2014

Hi Ho, Hi Ho off to war we go.

Hasn't the United Police States of America destabilized enough countries since Bush the Father lied through his eye teeth to have his first gulf war? Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine haven't we caused enough death and destruction in this world to satisfy our blood lust.

Is there anyone out there who believes that the ISIS could gather enough firepower, numbers and support to move through Northern Iraq capturing cities one of which is the second biggest in Iraq and the associated territories in a matter of days, without our trillions of dollars of spy satellites, NSA bugging equipment that listens to head of state phone calls and everyone in between.

There is no way on the Gods green earth that an operation like that could go unnoticed, which tells me that the United Police States of America is likely supporting the attack.  It's not like we haven't been training, arming and supplying Al Qaeda and Taliban and associated fighters for years trying to overthrow Assad in Syria.  Which it turns out is a dismal fail,  we pulled out of Iraq knowing their military was incompetent at best.  Though I must admit I am damn glad we got out, now we need to stay out.

And to top everything off we are doing our best to force President Putin (May the Gods bless his soul) and Russia into a shooting war over Ukraine.  A Ukraine that our hired mercenaries made up of Nazi's and Racists took over by force and who are now killing ethnic Russians with heavy artillery, mortar, multiple rocket systems and fighter/bomber attacks on  civilians who want nothing more then to determine how they wish to live.

These murderous hired mercenaries of ours are even using White Phosphorous bombs/shells against civilian targets which is illegal under United Nations Treaties.  And not a peep from the United Police States of America's Government which even kept quite when Israel used Willy Pee against the citizens of Gaza.

How many lives must be lost, how many children must be murdered how many of the elderly must suffer aganizing deaths due to lack of water, food, medications and shelter because the United Police States of America Mercenaries are destroying everything on a massive scale.  A scale that is so great that President Putin and Russia are sooner or later will have to intervene for the sake of the ethnic Russians living in the south/eastern parts of Ukraine.

A military confrontation between the United Police States of America and Russia is the last thing that any sane individual should be thinking about.  The only conclusion that I can come to is that the Government of the United Police States of America are individually INSANE.

May the Gods have mercy on our souls, that is if they do not simply banish us to hell for this.