Saturday, June 21, 2014

ISIS Has Chemical Weapons

You know everyone is talking about how ISIS Terrorists have taken control of Chemical Weapons Storage Facilities.  Some are even claiming that these were Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction that were undiscovered until now.  I have no reason to doubt that they do have Chemical Weapons but there is a snow balls chance in Hell that these weapons are left overs from Saddam, though the Republicans who like rewriting actual history would love it if they were, to justify the boondoggle of all boondoggles when Bush the Son of God decided to invade Iraq and crash the middle east countries even further then his senile dad did in the first gulf war.

But let's look at this claim at face value.  The intelligence agency's of the United Police States of America with all of their satellites, with all of their eavesdropping and recording all phone calls, cell phone calls, hacking into all computers smarter then your average wrist watch for far more than a decade did not find these hidden weapons of mass destruction.

The Armed Forces of the United Police States of America who occupied Iraq for a decade, who traveled all over it trying to kill Iraqi insurgents, did not discover these hidden weapons of mass destruction.

And yet this massive army of Terrorists fresh from the war zone of Syria, where they were armed, trained and equipped by the CIA and Black Operation units of the United Police States of America through Turkey and Arab allies of the UPSA.  And who had Chemical Weapons in Syria and who used Chemical Weapons on Syrian Civilians.  Who were transporting those bath tub made Sarin weapons in Northern Iraq and transporting them through at least Turkey who for some strange reason arrested a couple of their terrorist allies carrying vials of Sarin gas.

Just happened to stumble into Iraq, and in a matter of days pushed the Iraqi military clear to Baghdad itself and just happened to stumble onto Saddam's magically hidden storage facilities that no one else in well over a decade with the most advanced intelligence equipment that can be imagined, the best armed and equipped military this world has ever seen.  And they missed what a group of terrorist fighters invading Iraq found in mere days.

Ok now can I here the one about the goose who lays the golden eggs?  Or how about the Whale who swallowed a man and three days later thru him up again?  Or how about Zeus who throws lightning bolts through the air and is king of all Greek gods?

Because any of these stories are just as believable as an army of terrorist fighters stumbling upon Saddam's imaginary chemical weapons stash's that were magically hidden from all others, in mere days.