Saturday, June 7, 2014

A overview of what is going on in regards to the United Police States of America.

Since Bush the Father started the first gulf war the United Police States of America has been systematically destabilizing nations around the world but mostly in the Mideast and North Africa.  From what I understand, out of all of the interventions since then only one resulted in a stable government afterwords.

Ukraine is simply the latest of a long line of UPSA created Chaos.  The United Police States of America has already admitted to spending over 5 billion dollars to destabilize Ukraine and force a governmental change.

The is a good site on US Interventions going back to the 1800's.

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The overthrow of the Ukrainian Government was months in the making.  The illegally exiled President of Ukraine admitted that after the protests started to be put down by the Riot Police the UPSA warned him that if the riot police used force or violence against the protestors, the UPSA would intervene one way or another so he disarmed the riot police.

As soon as this happened the western backed insurgents in the protesting groups, started using Molotov Cocktails to fire bomb the riot police.  Western backed Snipers began shooting both riot police and protestors to increase the Chaos.

Before the illegal take over occurred the Ukrainian police raided an apartment of a local street gang and found duffel bags full of weapons, ammunition and money.  The video's showed duffel bags full of money used to pay the protesters.  I saw dozens and dozens of 10,000 dollar packets of American 100 dollar bills.

Syria is even a more egregious example of the Hypocrisy of the United Police States of America and its allies.  The UPSA through Turkey and Jordan have been arming, training and supplying the  Taliban,        

The United Police States of America and its allies were caught flat footed supplying the protestors with resources, cash, weapons and insured that the legally and duly elected Ukrainian Government was afraid to put down the uprising.

Bahrain, Turkey, Egypt and many other UPSA allies are using water cannons, flash bangs, rubber bullets, tear gas, sonic weapons especially Turkey and Egypt who also put tear gas in the water cannons turning the water a yellowish color.  The UPSA nor its allies say one word about these nations putting down their civilian protests.

But the Ukrainian government was threatened that if they did, there would be consequences.  And as a result the duly elected government was overthrown.  The United Police States of America brings a new definition to the word Hypocrisy.

The illegally appointed Ukrainian government made up of Nazi's and Racists. are putting down the south/eastern cities who are seeking their own sovereignty with fighter/bomber strikes, heavy artillery and mortar bombardments on civilian targets, using black operation snipers.  And the United Police States of America and it's allies are silent about these human rights violations and war crimes.

And please keep in mind that while the UPSA criticizes countries like Syria and Ukraine (the duly elected government, not the illegally established western back one) for putting down uprising's with riot police.  The UPSA has granted its Navy and Army, Special Forces and Black operations units Federal Law Enforcement Authority specifically for the enforcement of National Martial Law.

In regards to Syria it has been established that the bulk of the opposition to (duly elected) President Assad are made up of foreign fighters from Islamic extremist groups such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  The foreign fighters have been armed and financed by the United Police States of America and its allies from the very beginning.

They are being trained and supported in the countries of Turkey and Jordan, Both Isreal and Turkey have used military force to weaken Syria's ability to defend itself against the Jehadist's attempting to overthrow its duly elected government by attacking supply points and the shooting down of Syrian fighter jets when they can.

Turkey has intercepted Jehadists crossing its border with Syria carrying vials of Sarin gas (low grade, bathtub Gin Quality)  The UN has determined that the Sarin Gas attacks in Syria were not launched by the Syrian military but were launched from the Jehadist controlled area's.

I would bet dollars to donuts that the lab in Northern Iraq that manufactured the bathtub Sarin was paid in American Dollars.  Probably with a CIA tech to oversee the manufacturing process.  The United Police States of America have a long and proud history of destabilizing other nations and the killing of civilians.

The only reason that the UPSA is not right now killing Syrian and Iranian civilians is because President Putin (may the Gods bless his soul) worked a deal with Syria to rid itself of its Chemical Weapons (the UPSA has one of if not the largest stockpile of Chemical Weapons) and convincing Iran to open itself to UN inspections of its Nuclear Programs to prevent the UPSA from making up an imaginary reason to kill Iranians and destroy their infrastructure and destroy their ability to defend themselves against Israeli preemptive strikes that they are famously known for.

Iranian civilians are dying on a daily basis because the United Police States of America prevents life saving and life sustaining medications from entering Iran, hoping that if enough Iranian civilians die needless deaths that it might motivate the Iranian people into overthrowing their own government as we have seen in Syria, Libya and Ukraine.