Wednesday, June 4, 2014

As the old saying goes ("I'm back")

I got tired of watching the direction this Nation is going in, the cyber attacks by a Army counter intelligence unit that lost me one desk top computer and several attempts on my lap top.  Luckily I learned fast.  But I simply got tired of pounding my head against a brick wall.  But there seems to be some interest in my material picking up.

While I deleted both blogs "President Barrack Hussein Obummer, sorry Obama, is a traitor to the constitution" and "Challenging Christian Authority" I have all of the information I generated for them in the cloud.  The blog Challenging Christian Authority will only have one post all I need is four verses from the King James Version of the Bible to invalidate all of Christianity.

I have generated information that links Title 10, section 311 of the US Code, the 2nd Amendment, the National Draft and the 1939 Supreme Court Ruling on the 1934 Federal Firearms Act to show without a doubt that the 2nd Amendment is a dual purpose Amendment that guarantees the States Right to a Regulated Militia and the "Peoples" right to keep and bear arms and guarantees the right of individuals to Keep and Bear Military Weapons.

As I restart the Obummer blog I will start with this mess in Syria and Ukraine and a listing of the countries that the United Police States of America has thrown into Chaos and what I believe the reasons for this insanity.  And of course the indicators that show that the United Police States of America is preparing for and moving towards a National Martial Law Declaration.

Well I hope I live up to what I did the first time.