Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gun Ownership linked to the No Fly List

While the anti gunners do their best to discredit the belief that the 2nd Amendment protects the individual Constitutional Guaranteed Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  This is my argument showing that the 2nd Amendment is a dual purpose Amendment it protects the States Right to a Regulated State Militia, and the right of the individual Unregulated Militia members which is everyone over the age of 17.

So there is no doubt that the individual Unregulated Militia Members have the Constitutionally Guaranteed right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Tying Gun Ownership to the no fly list which has names of people who have not been convicted of any crime, who did not have a judge determine that there was reasonable grounds to deny them the freedom to fly.  Who do not have the right to challenge the justification of having their names on the no fly list.

What President Barrack Hussein Obummer is suggesting is the denial of a Constitutionally Guaranteed right to American Citizens for no legally established reason.  All it takes to deny an American Citizen their 2nd Amendment Constitutionally Guaranteed right to keep and bear arms a right that "shall not be infringed" upon.  Is for a bureaucrat to input your name into the list, no evidence is needed, no judge will say yes or no as to whether it is justified.  There is no way to challenge your being put on the list.

And President Barack Husein Obummer is advocating that an American Citizen will lose a Constitutionally Guaranteed Right for no reason other than a bureaucrat types their name into a government data base and that they do not have the right to challenge the reasoning for having their names put onto the no fly list.

This action meets any definition for treason that you can think of, and is a clear violation of his oath of office.  Why not check to see if you are on the no fly list: