Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Syrian False Flag Events

I am tired of President Putin and Russia being made to look like the bad guys in this.  The United Police States of America and Turkey allow our paid mercenaries to camp on the Syrian/Turkey border.  We give them TOW anti tank missiles to counter the Syrian Armies Armored Attacks, and the Israeli's and the Turkish Air forces have been shooting down Syrian aircraft going after these foreign mercenary fighters.

These Syrian Fighter/Bombers were not violating Turkish or Israeli airspace, they were attacking Foreign Paid Mercenaries operating on Syrian's Sovereign soil, under the protection of the Turkish and Israeli Military.  Not only did the Turkish air force shoot down a Russian attack aircraft that was over Syrian Sovereign Territory, but the American Paid Mercenaries machine gunned the parachuting pilots killing one.

The Russians need to quit playing these games.  They need to bring in heavy Rocket artillery and standard artillery units and begin grid firing until everything on Syrian territory is leveled and dead clear to the Turkish border and anything bigger then a humming bird coming into Syrian airspace needs to be blown out of the sky.  NATO cannot claim defense if they are being destroyed over Syrian territory.

And Russia and China being permanent members of the Security Council need to bring the United Police States of America and Turkey's and Israel's war crimes up to the full UN even if nothing can be done about it.  Russia owes their dead pilot at least that much.  Being machined gunned while on a parachute should be responded to. 

The program of the United Police States of America to destabilize all parts of the world that do not kiss its butt needs to be challenged if not stopped.