Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Homeless Outreach

  Anyone who has read my posts know that I have little love for the government, but I was surprised at the effort by the VA and other agencies to get homeless vet's off the streets.  When I and the homeless guy I hang with got back from collecting cans and bottles we found two Sheriffs SUV's with 8 or so people in them parked next to his car.  And when I pulled up and parked we expected to be rousted and harassed for being parked in a field for a number of months.

  But surprisingly the massive officers that approached us said they were part of the sheriffs homeless outreach program.  They told us about the VA's homeless outreach program which I already knew about and ignored, but they gave the other homeless guy the contact information he needed.    Apparently there is a major push by the Obummer administration to get homeless vet's off the streets and help the non vet homeless.

  The one talking to me was surprised that I was not really interested, I have Obummers food card, an Obummers phone and the back of my car is not to uncomfortable.  And I have no problems with eating food cold and straight out of the can.  The only real problem I have had being homeless since last November is the National Forests.  Apparently the Department of Agriculture and the Forest Department have adopted the policy of harassing anyone who is camping for the legal limit of 14 days, and have recently past the policy of no more then 30 days in a calendar year.

  Apparently the Department of Agriculture and the Forest Department did not get Obummer's memo about not making the lives of the homeless/vets even more miserable then they already are.  And the reasons given by the rangers justifying the harassment was so obviously nonsensical that I had to request information directly from the Department of Agriculture and Forest Department which has not been responded to yet.

  And for anyone who might question my use of "Obummer" when I a food card and phone because of his policies, these things are given out like candy to keep people quiet and to allow the NSA and the Government the ability to track the locations and use of the people using these things.  For me it simply does not matter anymore.  If someone wants to track what I am eating or what dirt field I am parked in be my guest.

Take Care All, and may the Gods be with you.