Monday, December 8, 2014

Urban Pacification Training.

I have never been one to like coincidences, a couple of days ago Marine Expeditionary Units began training in Urban Pacification in downtown LA which would last for a number of days.  Today two major structures under construction were destroyed by fire in downtown LA.  The fire was so intense that by the time the fire station across the street from the building got its doors open the fire had already spread to all seven floors and engulfed another building and damaged a number of others because of the intense heat generated.

I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the federal government will end up taking control of that property situated near a major freeway and in downtown LA and will build some nice new government buildings that are reenforced with helicopter pads on their roofs.  Downtown LA is a major resource area.  If a civil war or civil unrest event was to occur the government would have a great incentive to secure such an area.  And a heavily reenforced federal complex located in downtown LA would seem to be an intelligent thing to do.